Ford Concert Series

Ford Concert Series

Mercer Athletics has revealed a thrilling lineup of talented artists to the 2022 Ford Concert Series. Entering the fourth season of the concert series, Toby Town — the designated tailgating area on Black Field — is eager to host live music before each of Mercer’s five home football games this fall.

The Ford Concert Series will include headlining performances by Corey Smith (Aug. 27), Mitchell Tenpenny (Sep. 17), Rodney Atkins (Oct. 8) and Nate Smith (Oct. 15). Closing out the concert series for 2022 Homecoming is Jupiter Coyote (Nov. 12).

Additional performers include Highway 49Blane Dunnam and Jacob Powell on Aug. 27, Mackenzie Carpenter on Sept.17, Kaitlyn Baker and Joe Lasher on Oct. 8, Molly Stevens and Carter Faith on Oct. 15, and Dillon Carmichael on Nov. 12.

The concert series is presented by Ford, and Mercer football faithful will have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to enjoy live music from a variety of nationally known recording artists as well as local talent, at Toby Town, the designated tailgating area on Black Field, which is located adjacent to beautiful Five Star Stadium, home of the Bears.

2022 Concert Series